Beginner Photography TIps

I’ve been having so much fun this past year learning how to use my camera, finding the best products to buy for it, and practicing with different settings. I thought it would be fun to share a few little tips I’ve picked up along the way to make your life a little easier!

Do your own research – When it comes to buying a camera, a new lens, a strap, etc., make sure you do the research for yourself. It’s so easy to go out and buy the thing everyone is using and raving about. For the longest time, I was going to order a lens that wasn’t really what I needed, simply because everyone seemed to have (and love) it. After doing research of my own, I ordered my new 35mm lens and this gorgeous Fotostrap in the color Merlot. Let me tell you! I didn’t think little changes like a camera strap would really change anything, but I’m pretty much obsessed. How can I resist using my camera when it looks so cute and my photos turn out so good?!

Learn with what you have – For the longest time, I made excuses about why I couldn’t learn how to use my camera and why it just wouldn’t work for what I needed it to. It doesn’t have wifi, the lens wasn’t good for what I needed my camera for, etc. As I mentioned above, I solved most of my problems when I added a little personality to my camera with the strap, and then really took it up a notch with my lens. I just recently purchased a wifi SD card, which basically makes my camera wifi enabled (or at least what I need it for) and I am SO excited!! 

Invest in a way to edit – For the longest time, I would take photos and then do absolutely nothing with them. Obviously, that changed when I began blogging and took more of an interest in photography (and Instagram), but even so – not all photos are going to be perfect and editing is a perfect way to really make your photos into what you want them to be! I purchased Adobe Lightroom to edit. Seriously, it’s amazing and so easy to learn with just a little practice!

Take the time – Most importantly, take the time to learn what different buttons and settings on your camera do. You’re not going to pick up a camera and instantly have a perfect photo. So whether you read the manual, search for things on Google, or just play around with it, sitting down for a few minutes here and there and learning something new will go a long way!

Do you have any basic photo tips? Share them in the comments below so we can all learn from each other!

xo, Suzanna

  • Love your blog + your Instagram feed. I was wondering, how do you create your lovely theme on IG? So clean and neat. Also, do you use your camera or iPhone for pictures on IG?

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