Thoughts on the Emily Ley Weekly Simplified Planner | 2016

I’m back with another post in my Plan with Me series! This time I’m giving you all the deets on the Emily Ley Simplified Planner. I had my eye on both the weekly and the daily, but loved that the weekly was thinner. I also can’t get enough of that pineapple print! I’m obsessed.

I have to admit, I was a little hesitant to try out the SP at first. A couple years ago, I ordered a daily version and when I received it, the spiral was crazy bent out of control, the corners were crushed, it was HUGE, and the paper was the thinnest ever. I was disappointed (especially because I adore Emily), and I sent it back.

But I’ve been hearing such great things about the new version and I know Emily listens to all the user feedback to improve them each year! The planners now come in a gorgeous navy EL box (keeping the planner nice and safe during shipping) that can be reused as a memory/file box. LOVE!! The paper is also slightly thicker than pervious versions, and the spiral is thicker/sturdier. SO! I was really excited to give the Simplified Planner another go. I’m not one to hold grudges against planners and I just knew I was going to love it! And who would have guessed, it actually gives my EC Life Planner a run for its money! W H A T

Y’all know I love a band for my planner and since the SP doesn’t come with one, I plan on ordering this mint stretch band and navy page marker from the Emily Ley site. That way I can keep the book nice and snug and also have my page marked so I can flip right to it! Now, on to the details!


2015-2016 Yearly overview
2015-2016 Yearly holiday list
Monthly overview with small notes section
Weekly overview with space for notes, to-do, and dinner plans

Notable Features:

17-Months (Aug 2015 – Dec 2016)
Spiral-bound (gold)
Pocket on inside of front cover
Color-coded (laminated) month tabs
Inspiring quotes throughout

I think it’s definitely worth noting that the newer editions of the SP (including this one) are smaller than previous editions and are only 6.75 x 9 inches – perfect size to carry around! I love the simplicity of the planner, which makes sense seeing it’s the Simplified Planner. Ha! My only two (minor) complaints are that there are no notes pages, and also that the pages are still thinner than I tend to like. BUT! In one of Emily’s recent Periscope casts, she mentioned both of those things and said the next version will have both space for notes and thick Mohawk paper. YES!!

Overall, I am absolutely loving this planner. I really wish I used the SP when I was in college. the amount of space is perfect and if you’re taking a heavy class load, the daily will probably be your best friend! If you’re looking for gorgeous and simple planner, this is the one for you!

Do you have the Simplified Planner? How are you liking it? If not, let’s chat about the agendas you’re currently loving in the comments below!

xo, Suzanna

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