Thoughts on the Kikki K Wellness Planner

I’m so excited to share an inside look at the Kikki K Wellness Planner today! I’m a bit of a Kikki K super fan, and this gorgeous grey beauty caught my eye immediately! The quality of Kikki K planners is so great for the price and of course, this one is no different.

My previous planner overviews have been on spiral planners, so I’m so excited to give a little look into a binder system for those of you that are thinking about picking one up!

Kikki K Wellness Planner - Noodoso

Seriously, this thing is the PERFECT grey and is made from a gorgeous Saffiano leather. The inside is a soft sea foam color and the rings are a subtle (and not fake looking) gold. Holy heart eyes!

It’s a large size which is the equivalent of an A5, the bindings are tight, and the quality/weight is perfect!


Measurements (Planner): 240mm L x 200mm W x 40mm H (Maximum height of paper that can be inserted) / 9.85″ x 7.87″ x 1.57″
Measurements (Ring Diameter): 28mm / 1.1″
Measurements (Ring Spacing): 15mm between each and 65 mm middle gap / 0.59″ and 2.56″
Outer made from Saffiano leather + a stud closure
Lining made from 80% polyester and 20% cotton blend


Perpetual (undated) calendar
Daily wellbeing pages
Weekly reflection pages
Various mindfulness exercises
MealΒ log and planner
Exercise log and planner
Shopping list
Notes pages

Notable Features:

Elastic pen loop
6 Ring binder
2 Internal slots/pockets
1 Large pocket
Mini ‘Weekly Good Habits’ pad
Gold foil tabs: Calendar, My Day, Weekly Reflection, Mind, Nutrition, Exercise
3 Sticker sheets
Inspiring quotes & prompts
Notepad on back cover (removable)

Kikki K Wellness Planner - NoodosoKikki K Wellness Planner - NoodosoKikki K Wellness Planner - NoodosoKikki K Wellness Planner - NoodosoKikki K Wellness Planner - NoodosoKikki K Wellness Planner - NoodosoKikki K Wellness Planner - NoodosoKikki K Wellness Planner - Noodoso

I know I won’t be able to use most (or maybe all) of these inserts since they don’t fit my lifestyle. However, keeping in mind that this is the only Kikki K agenda available in this gorgeous grey color, and that the other time planners have very basic inserts, you’re actually getting more for the money. I’ve already started removing the inserts I won’t use, replacing them with versatile (and my favorite) inserts from Julie of Plan2Create, and moving right on in!

If you’re thinking about diving into the binder system, I cannot recommend it enough! It’s so customizable and really saves money in the long run since you can replace the inserts each year. Kikki K is a great starting point for an A5 or personal size planner – they’re a step above something like Webster’s Pages, but not quite as expensive as something like Filofax.

If you have any questions about the Kikki K Wellness Planner, feel free to leave them in the comments below or shoot me an email! I’d be happy to help in any way that I can!

xo, Suzanna

  • Hey! Ive fell in love with this planner as soon as I saw it.. however the only thing thats getting me down and stopping me from ordering one is that it doesnt have a normal diary (week to view) pages and other features that the time planners have! But i really love this style and colour and nature of this planner!! Are there any inserts if diary pages that can be added to this planner from the Kikki-K range that ive missed? If this planner came with diary/time planning features it would be PERFECT. Really need some advise?!

    • Hi Samantha!

      I totally get that! You can order the normal Kikki K inserts on their site and swap them out, or try other inserts all together. I’m using inserts from Plan2Create (on Etsy) and I am loving them! Another favorite is Sewmuchcrafting (also on Etsy) – she has every insert you could possibly need and you can order them printed!

      Thanks for reading, I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out with any other questions, and good luck in your search!

      xo, Suzanna

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